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Artist Of The Month

What is Artist Of The Month?

Every second Friday of each month INHH will honor an artist that we believe has not only shown excellent talent in the past, but also has a bright future in the game. Hopefully this will help you find some new artists that you have never heard of and rediscover awesome artists that you may have forgotten about. Below we will show a preview of the bio that we wrote and we will provide a link for you to the Artist Of The Month page which is loaded with features like favorite songs, best music videos, notable mixtapes, a view into the lives of the artists and many more. Feel free to let us know how we have done by commenting or voting the pages "Thumbs Up " or "Thumbs Down". 

May: Tayyib Ali

Ever since he was 10 years old, Tayyib Ali has been tearing up the rap scene waiting to hit it big. His story begins in the hoods of his home town, Philadelphia, PA in 2002 (ten years after his birth in 1992). After struggling for some time opportunities began to surface for the young rapper. Read More...

June: OCD Moosh & Twist

Meet OCD, a hip hop duo from Philadelphia, PA that is known for it's unreal lyrics and flawless flows. The two rappers that make up OCD have made a name for themselves because or their diversity in talent that when combined, almost always produces hits. Moosh, a senior at Haverford High School in the suburbs of Philly, is famous for his smooth flows and hooks that always are a pleasure to your ears. While Twist on the other hand, a senior at Friends Select High School in center city Philadelphia, has a reputation for hype, raw verses and crazy additions to any hook. After they released...Read More

August: TeeJay

Meet TeeJay, an upcoming artist out of the unexpected, Schaumburg, Illinois. (Although he was originally from Chicago) He is currently attending Illinois State University and perusing his passion for music surrounded by a strong following. He has been making music for only a short amount of time and he recently released his mixtape fittingly titled, "The Rough Draft". The mixtape is a combination of remixes and original beats which got him some attention in the hip hop scene. After realizing the potential he had Read More

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