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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mixtape Of The Month: June

Well loyal fans of INHH know what this little project is. But for those of you that don't, we have a whole description on it so just read this post. But this month's mixtape was inspired by summer. I think that with every song the feeling of summer feels more evident. It feature artists such as, Kinetcs, Radical Something, Mac Miller, Chiddy Bang and many many more. Hopefully our favorites of this month are yours. Enjoy the mixtape and make sure to SHARE IT and also of course if you haven't already, Like Us On Facebook. Oh yea one more thing, be sure to check out Summer Mixtapes Daily for a new mixtape every day of summer!

Download Mixtape:
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Against The World (Music Video + MP3 Download)

Here is the music video for the Warm Gun hit single, "Against The World". It shows visuals from a concert of his in which he performs the song. It works nicely with song which if you haven't heard yet, you need to download (download link below). The song is off of his previously released (4/21/11) album titled, "For Days" which you can also download below. One more thing, be in the look out for "Nocturnal: Summer's Over" his next project which is being released at (obviously) the end of summer. Well anyways enjoy the music video and the download for "For Days".

Download "For Days" Here:
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blank Check- Matt Clarke

Here is a new mixtape from an artists that calls himself Matt Clarke and reps Arlington. This is his sophomore tape and it isn't to bad. It has a variety of styles on it from incredibly hype music to pretty chill ones. As for the beats, they are a mix of originals and remixes provided by a variety of producers, including the DJ of the tape, DJ Doubletake. His flow reminds me of Hobson's from Fortune Family. He definitely has some work to put in if he wants to make it in the game, but there is talent there waiting to be fully accessed. So, although I am pleasantly surprised by, "Blank Check" I am expecting A LOT from Clarke's next tape. 

Bottom Line: A good mixtape for any Fortune Family fans or anyone that likes hype hip hop with good beats.

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Escape- Radical Something (Mp3 Download)

Wow. It is here everyone. It is the PERFECT summer song. I love everything about it, the hook is incrediably chill and the verses have a great flow to match. The song adresses key points in our american culture in a creative and summer influenced way.

Bottom Line: The PERFECT summer song, if you need a song to add to your beach playlist then this is a MUCH download.


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Under The Sea Freestyle- Timeflies + "Cars Money Fame" Music Video

Last night Timeflies released the visuals for their song, "Cars Money and Fame" which drove me to their website to check it out. But, it turns out that I was met with something even more dope. This freestyle to the ever so famous disney beat, "Under The Sea". It is another clever sampling by these guys and I don't know why they are obsessed with disney but hey, I don't mind. Be sure to check out their last dope disney sampling, "Never Grow Up" (I think Peter Pan was disney?).

Bottom Line: If you liked Timeflies' last feature here on INHH, this is a must download for you. They kill it again.

Under The Sea (Freestyle)

Oh yea, and here is that mixtape I was telling you about:
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mind Your Manners- Chiddy Bang

Here is the final, mastered audio that we heard after Chiddy broke the freestyle record in Vegas. It is definitely going to be a song that is staying on replay for about 3 days in my itunes. Of course, the beat from Xaphoon is awesome and the lyrics from Chiddy kill it. Enjoy. 

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Chiddy Bang then this is a MUST download for you, it is the duo at its best.

(Sorry No Download Link For This One, Go Ahead And Cop "Breakfast" When It Drops)
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Get Your Mixtape/Clothing Shop/Fan Page/Whatever You Want On INHH

Hey readers, I just wanted to let you know that INHH is now offering advertising starting at $5 The possibilities are ENDLESS. You could advertise your latest mixtape and get more views on datpiff, your latest music video, a clothing line you have, a fan page, or anything else you can think of! Your ad would go on the right hand side of our website and be visable to our readers! Let us know if you are interested and email us at to find out more details.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Escape- Radical Something (Video Teaser)

Well get ready for it. Radical Something is pleasuring us with another dope sounding song on Wednesday. This is just a little taste of what to expect. Boy am I excited. 

The Show- Cypher Clique (Mixtape Download)

Here is another hip hop group that you have most likely not heard of. It is made of up 3 rappers that are from DE. This mixtape has a combination of original beats mixed in with some awesome samples. Each of the members of Cypher Clique bring their own individual flows to the table, expressing good lyricism and hard flows. The only thing I think that can improve for the tape is adding a little more bass to the beats which seem a little to light, giving them a low quality feel. But besides that the mixtape is straight fire, enjoy it.

Bottom Line: If you like hard core hip hop spitters and dope hip hop groups then this is a good mixtape for you.


One More Time
Blow Like A Bomb
Got My Vans

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by
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A Reason To Breathe- YONAS

I've got some new YONAS for your ears. This one was released late last night/early this morning and it came as a surprise for me. YONAS kills it on each and every verse but has a little trouble on the hook. Even so, it is totally worth a listen because YONAS just kills it in between the mediocre hook.

Bottom Line: If you like YONAS then this is a MUST download for you, he kills his verses but struggles on the hook. Otherwise, if you like rappers like J. Cole then this is a good download for you.

Listen/Download: A Reason To Breathe by YonasMusic

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Feel Tall- OnCue

Some AWESOME new OnCue. Every time I hear a new song from this kid it makes me more and more impressed. I cannot stop listening to this one. He talks about how he finally "feels tall, taller than you" and comes through (as always) with unbelievably smooth flows and great lyrics even saying, "I really respect women, but there is one thing I don't, your opinion" addressing a subject of controversy in the hip hop community (respect towards women). But anyways, this is an incredibly dope track that you have to give a listen.

Bottom Line: An awesome new OnCue song, a must download for any fans of rappers with Mac Miller type flows.

Feel Tall
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Dopeness Is A Virtue- VenoM

Here is a rapper for you guys that is extremely underground. He is a young rapper from Lakewood, CA and is three mixtapes strong into the game. It is an 12 track tape with 8 features from artists that I have honestly never heard of. But they do a nice job on it. I think VenoM's talents are understated and after this tape hopefully his exposure will increase. Enjoy the tape.


Know Now Ft. Chief 
Rookie of the Year
My Movement Ft. Passport Prin


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Tell Us How We Are Doing

Hello readers of INHH, I just wanted to let you guys know that we recently added a feature to the site where you can easily tell us what we are doing right or wrong. We love to hear from you, so click the button that looks like this: 
On the bottom of the page and let us know what you think!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

SummerTime- A.T.

Here is a song for all of those people that don't mind some autotune. The hook is autotune heavy but the rest of the song doesn't have as much that is noticeable. But after you get past the hook the song becomes a great summer anthem. A.T. has a flow that reminds me of Mike Stud's so if you are a fan of Mike Stud, self proclaimed "King Of Frat Rap" then give this a download.

Bottom Line: If you don't mind some autotune, and you like Mike Stud then this is a MUST download for you.

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New Hip Hop Experience! Summer Mixtapes Daily!

Alright, so INHH will be shutting down starting July 1st and will be re-opening August 3rd. Instead of leaving you guys without ANY music, we decided to develop, On that website we will be posting a mixtape every day for your enjoyment. Each will have a full review of not only the mixtape, but of our favorite songs. The mixtapes will also have a download link and a streamable plug-in. I hope you guys enjoy the Summer Mixtapes Daily project and make sure to share it with your friends!

Shot out to Adam Segall for the artwork on this project. Want a logo? Check his contact information out.

The Report- SMKA x Multiple Artists (Full EP Download)

Here is a new project by DJ Booth and SMKA. It is a diffrent type of music than we have been posting. It is not a "frat-rap"ish EP. It is a harder side of hip hop that I don't listen to often. I am happy I listened to this though, it is filled with answers to our problems today mixed in with lyricism and great flows. It is also unique in the way that it is an EP with 7 different artists on each songs which allows great diversity to be achieved, but all of the artists flow very well together which gives it the undeniable taste of a mixtape.


Step Back- YP
Wondering- K. Sparks
Takin It All- Maffew Ragazino

Download: Here

Hol'Up- Kendrick Lamar

Here is an artist that is new to INHH. He is a ghetto rapper from Compton, CA and just released this song via Soundcloud. He has a flow that reminds me of Sonny Shotz, but he claims he is influenced by Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, and DMX. Anyways, it is as good of as a song as they come so download it.

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Sonny Shotz then give this a listen/download.

(Coming Soon)
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cashmere Flow- K. Sparks

New jam from K. Sparks. And if you liked his previous stuff then you are in for a treat. Everything about this song is better than average. K. Sparks flow, and lyrics are on key, the hook is cleverly scratched by DJ Bobby Bob and the beat is fulfilling and well mastered to K. Sparks voice. Overall, great song enjoy the heavy verses spat.

Bottom Line: A great, deep flowed song. So if you like heavy spitters then give this a download.

Cashmere Flow
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Well Known- G-Eazy Ft. Kam Royal

Here is another great song out of the underground rap scene that came out last night. It caught my attention because of the feature of Kam Royal (an artist that we have featured before here on INHH) but I was pleasantly surprised by G-Eazy's verse (as well as Kam Royals of course). Enjoy this jam as summer rolls in.

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Kam Royal and haven't heard of G-Eazy then this is a MUST download for you because like me, you will be pleasantly surprised by G-Eazy's verse and Kam does his thing.

Well Known Ft. Kam Royal
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anything Real- Sonny Shotz & OnCue

WOW. That's all I can say. Whoever had the idea of combining my two favorite "frat-rappers" is my new best friend. They both have awesome verses and spread some nice messages, but I'm not going to ruin it for you guys, figure them out for yourself.

Bottom Line: If you like frat-rappers with actual skill and great chemistry then this is a MUST download for you. No gimmicks with this one!


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Ride Out- GCS (Gate City Squad)

Here is some new GCS for you guys, but I warn you, they go HARD. Even though it is short, they get their message across with their crazy lyrics and deep flows. With hits like these, be on the look out for more Gate City Squad on INHH sometime soon. 

Bottom Line: If you like heavy lyrical cats like Big O then this is a good download for you.


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Welcome To The Show- TeeJay Ft. Matt Easton (Prod. VP)

Here is some new TeeJay for you guys off of his upcoming mixtape, "College Daze". This one is the intro for his tape and from hearing this I am pretty sure it is going to be a hype one. I will let TeeJay do the rest of the talking for this one:

"This track was a real fun song to write and make. Vp sent me the sample of the beat from a target commercial he saw and I immediately fell in love with it. I started writing to it that day and the next time me and Vp linked up, we finished the beat together and layed down the vocals for it. Halfway through recording it, I thought that this would be a great track for someone to also hop on it and Matt Easton popped in my head right away because he was a real cool dude and I knew he would kill it no matter what. VP also added some sick vocals to give the song that unique and refreshing vibe and it was pretty much a wrap after that."

Bottom Line: Good new TeeJay, if you liked this "Rough Draft" mixtape, then give this a download.


Oh and make sure you Like and Follow TeeJay.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Em- Yonas

Sweet song, but I have no time for a review sorry guys. Enjoy it though.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Dreamer- Kid Ink (Mixtape Download)

Here is some awesome new Kid Ink. He has been sort of silent for the past few month's, but this certainly makes up for all that. He has 11 features on the 22 track mixtape which some may say is to many but I think it suits him well. He goes all over the place with this tape, from slow, easy going songs to the hype songs that he is known for.

Bottom Line: Kid Ink fills this tape with incredibly diverse sounds that I never knew he was capable of doing, and doing well. It is a must download for any Kid Ink fan out there.


Day Dreamer
I Just Want It All
Care In The World
Ms. Jane


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Worldwide Choppers Remix- Wreckonize

Here is an older name, but a refreshing one. Wreckonize goes over Tech N9ne's Worldwide Choppers. He goes unbelievably hard on this beat. If you like fast rhymers like Busta Rhymes then this is the perfect song for you. Although he doesn't rap as fast as Busta. Enjoy.

Bottom Line: A MUST download for any Busta Rhymes fans that enjoy a fast paced rap with a good, slower hook.


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Gimme The Beat- Josh Booney

New artist with a new song. The Sampling on this song makes it. While the lyrics are good and so is Booney's flow, (a fast paced one) the sample of the unbelieveably famous song is one of the best, and most creative, I have ever heard.

Bottom Line: A must download for anyone that loves a great sample.

Gimme The Beat

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Band On The Run- The Good Husbands

Here is another hit from the group that goes by the name, The Good Husbands. They each provide a good verse in the song and the outcome is a slow jam that is easy to bump to as you enjoy the first day of summer.

Bottom Line: A good song to relax to outside today while you enjoy the first day of summer.

Listen: (Download Link Available Soon)
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I Can Be- Huey Mack

In honor of reaching 5,000 followers on twitter, Huey released this one to his fans for free. It is a pretty sweet song that has a slow, almost non-existant beat that Huey raps over with an easy-going flow. The only thing I don't like about this song is the hook. If you ask me, it is absolutely horrible. 

Bottom Line: A must download for all of you "frat-rap" fans out there that can overlook a pretty lacking hook.

I Can Be (Prod. By Telling Beatz)
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Trust Issues-Drake (Download)

Here is some Drake that was released late last night. It is a very slow song up until 2:30, which really bores me but then at around 2:30 he picks up his pace and does a fast little verse. But don't download it if you don't like Drizzy, but if you do then download it.

Bottom Line: A must download for anyone that likes slow Drizzy songs, but DO NOT download it if you don't.

Download (Via Octobers Very Own):
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Family First- Mac Miller Ft. Talib Kweli

New Mac Miller. He dropped this one because he reached the 500,000 mark on Twitter. I'm sure there will be more to come soon as his "followers" continue to grow. Anyways, this song is about keeping your family closer than "the game" and not getting caught up in the limelight being shed on you. It features Talib Kweli which was an interesting choice by Mac and wouldn't have been my first.

Bottom Line: Any Mac Miller fans out there should give this one a download.

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3 Wishes- Curren$y

Some new Curren$y that isn't to bad, and because it was a slow weekend I figured I should post it. It is a clever song, where Curren$y describes the 3 wishes the would wish for. The only thing I don't like about it is the beat. But that's just me, enjoy.

Bottom Line: New Curren$y with an annoying beat but some good vocals by Curren$y. A good download for all you Curren$y fans out there.

Listen: (Download Link Coming Soon)
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