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Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Real- Warm Gun

This new song is by and artist that goes by the name, Warm Gun. He is from Seattle and reminds me of the young artist, Pmac. In this song Warm Gun spits over a heartwarming acoustic beat that compliments his vocals nicely. Take a listen.

Bottom Line: Fresh new song, if you like Pmac then this is a good download for you.


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Biggie Is Back- Maino

I can't really figure this song out. Maino claims throughout the entire thing that "Biggie is back" (obviously that isn't true) what would even cause him to make this song? Maybe you guys can figure it out.

Bottom Line: Strange, but good song from Maino claiming that Biggie is back. If you like harsh spitters this is a good download for you.

NOTE: Due to copyright issues I can not post the download link to this song. Here is a youtube video though.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

INHH Mixtape Of The Month (April)

         Introducing the first anual Mixtape of The Month, presented by ItsNewHipHop. This is for those of you that have lives that are to busy for you to be checking in on our music every day. We have taken our favorite songs of the month and compiled them into one convenient mixtape for you. We will release a Mixtape Of The Month on the last day (at 9:00 PM EST) of every month. If you would like to listen to the tape before downloading, you can use the player that is embedded below or, you can download the mixtape and listen to it through your own music player. 

        This month's tape features hits from Tayyib Ali, Devin Miles, XV, Donnis and many more. Many of the songs were released off of the artist's mixtapes that were dropped this month, which was the inspiration for the album cover. The album cover was created by Adam Segall and represents our favorite mixtapes that were released this month. We hope you enjoy our selections for this month, and feel free to tell us what you thought by commenting  below.

NOTE: We are having troubles with the DatPiff player, for now if you are not seeing the player please click the post itself and the player should load. If this doesn't work click HERE and you will be able to stream and download the tape. Sorry for the problems we will get them fixed A.S.A.P.

Full Tape Download:
Via Datpiff: Click Here 
Via Hulkshare: Click Here

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Talk About- Mac Miller

In this new song, Mac Miller raps about what he should (and does) talk about in his music. Not only is this song catchy, it has an unbelievable mix of a slow and chill (typical Mac) hook and a few up beat verses that satisfy all of my hip hop cravings...for now. He raps over a simple beat that compliments his lyrics perfectly. So if you like Mac Miller, you HAVE to download this one. 

Bottom Line: Brand new Mac Miller and if you have ever heard a Mac Miller song and even semi-enjoy it, this is a MUST download for you and is Mac at his best.

NOTE: No download link available, here is a youtube video.

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Show Me Love- Kevin Cossom Ft. Ace Hood

This is a catchy new, "No Hands" type song with KC on the hook and a verse, and Ace Hood spits a verse as well. I will admit, Ace Hood's verse is my favorite part of the song, but the rest of it are pretty close in comparison. The only other thing there is to say about this one is that it will be featured on KC's upcoming mixtape titled, By Any Means. 

Bottom Line: If you like songs that are similar to "No Hands" then this is a good download to you. Otherwise, if you like songs with a verse from Ace Hood, this is a MUST download for you.

Listen/Download: Kevin Cossom - Show Me Love by KevinCossom  

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Sirens- King Mez

King Mez has officially arrived! His dope new single "Sirens" keeps you wanting more Mez. This track is part of the 2DBZ & DJBooth "The Rising SXSW" mixtape. Look out for more of him over the next few months.

Bottom Line: A overall a good song with a catchy chorus supported with solid beats. If you like rough spitters then this is a good download for you. Hail King Mez! (Nick H Review)

King Mez - Sirens by cashandcaviar

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About It- Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh is another artist from Chicago that demonstrates his smooth flow over this instrumental. Not much to say about it besides the fact that it is a leak off of his upcoming mixtape, Supply And Demand, which will be featured here on INHH. 

Bottom Line: If you like rappers that sound like XV and Big Sean then this is a MUST download for you. Otherwise if you are looking for a new favorite jam then go ahead and click that download. 

Listen/Download: Click Here

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drive Slow- Azad Right

As a tribute to Azad Rights's fans he released a cover of Kanye West's "Drive Slow". This cover is the first of his "Road To Peace", which is a mix of originals and remixes that he will drop every week to hype up his Mixtape. This 23 year-old(birthdays today!) has a bright future so keep watch for Azad. 

Bottom Line: The song "Drive Slow" is super chill with solid beats and a mixture of brass thrown in. If you like the original of this song, Kanye Wests' Drive Slow, then you will like the remix by Azad. (Nick H Review)


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Aligator Sky- B.O.B. And Owl Sky

Let me start by saying that I CAN NOT post the download link for this song due to copy right issues but it was to good not to post, and I'm sure you can figure out how to download it if you really want to. On to the song, it has a great hook from Owl City that has a refreshing feel and B.O.B. adds his easy to listen to flows over the instrumental in between. As always, let us know what you think.

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Chiddy Tries To Break The World Record For Longest Freestyle

This post is pretty straight forward, Chiddy from the group Chiddy Bang is trying to break the past world record of a 9 hour and 15 minutes. You can check him out trying to break it here, do you think he can do it, let us know!

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Band Wagon- Ghostwridah Ft. Paul Wall

New jam from Ghostwridah with a surprising feature by Paul Wall, a name I haven't seen in a while. And I will admit, when I do see it, I begin to worry. But, in this song Paul Wall doesn't do to bad, and Ghostwridah spits a couple of decent verses too. 

Bottom Line: If you like songs such as Tats On My Face by Kid Ink that we posted earlier this month then this is a good download for you. 

NOTE: We could not post the download link for this one because of copy right issues, here is a youtube link.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Throwback! No Ceilings- Lil Wayne (Mixtape)

On October 31 2009, Weezy brought everybody in the rap community some great ear candy. This is tape is full of remixes of songs that we have come to love, but I ended up taking a liking to Wayne’s versions better than the originals. I highly recommend this for any of you that have not heard this tape yet; for those of you who have, you can never have too much of a good thing.

Bottom Line: I wanted to write about every track because that’s how good this tape was and still is. If you haven’t heard it, get to it; and if you have, bring back those god memories. Great tape, good listen for anyone (especially if you are a Weezy fan). [Jerome A Review]

NOTE: Sorry, hulkshare has REALLY screwed up for this post and live streaming will not work on the site. You can however click the download links and stream live from there before downloading. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Full Tape Download: 

Favorites (With Individual Reviews):

Wasted- This song is a remix of Gucci Mane’s hit song (Wasted). Great song, I personally like it better than
the original. Chill flow with a great beat. Wayne ties some sweet lyrics on a good track, hit that play button.

Swag Surfin’- This beat is taken from the popular F.L.Y. song. I had this song on repeat for a while, Weezy spits fire on this track and this song always gets me hype before I play in any game. “Well if it cost to be the boss oh well I guess I gotta pay”, I know the lyrics to this whole song and that line stood out to me. Check out the waves on this sick track.

Run This Town- This is a track that I thought could not live up to the original             Jay-Z version. But it came up on that level, another song from this tape I fell in love with. If you haven’t heard it, open your ears!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roof Tops- Luke Christopher Ft. Asher Roth

Roof Tops dropped today, a good collaboration from Luke Christopher and Asher Roth. This song jumped out at me with a bunch because of it's different beats that are mixed together in a good way. Luke and Asher both spit a verse, and come in with strong lyrics. The song is all about having dreams and dreaming big, how you need to follow your own path without letting other people influence you. “I can build my own path so why would I follow yours” (Luke Christopher).

Bottom Line: Good new song, even if you don’t like Luke or Asher, this is a good listen, short song so it’s its worth a little bit of you time. After listening I’m sure this song will have you on the roof. (Jerome A Post)

Listen/Download: Roof Tops feat. Asher Roth by Asher Paul Roth  

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Trident- Charlie Smarts (Mixtape)

This mixtape dropped today out of no where, but hey I'm not complaining, its sweet! Charlie Smarts is a rapper out of North Carolina that is not as popular as he should be. This particular mixtape provides a surprising variety of sounds (some good, some not so good) that will keep your attention. I think you either love Smarts or hate him, personally I love him, but you might think otherwise.

Bottom Line: Mixtape out of nowhere that is surprisingly good. I can't really pinpoint one specific sound that is repeated on the tape so therefore I can't really compare it to other music. I guess you will just have to listen to my favorites and decide for yourself if you wan't to download the tape.


Far Fetched 
Peer Pressure 
Everything's Kooley 

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Loft Music Remix- Donnis

The original of this song is by The Weekend but Donnis decided to take a try at the beat. It turns out, the resulting product isn't bad. It is traditional Donnis so if you liked the recently released Southern Lights mixtape by him then you should download this song.

Bottom Line: This is a remix to the original song by The Weekend that Donnis does a nice job on. If you like Donnis's previous work such as, The Southern Lights mixtape then this is a good download for you. Otherwise, if you like the original Loft Music song then this is a good download for you. If you haven't heard Donnis before and haven't heard the original Loft Music song then I would suggest taking a listen to the song and deciding for yourself if it is good or not. 


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David Dallas – Sideline (ft Che Fu)

This song is the perfect chill song. David Dallas shows just how good his flow is. Che Fu also provides a great hook. It is David Dallas's latest track, but I can't wait for 'The Rose Tint' mixtape which is due out May 11th and of course will be featured here on INHH. 


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Jesse James & Reef (of Fortune Family) – Youth

This song was released by Jesse James with an awesome feature by Reef who is in the group Fortune Family. If you haven't heard either of their work before you have to check them out. Both young kids that have experience in the game and know how to spit. This paticular song is a refreshing song that makes me want summer to be tomorrow. Let me know what you think

Bottom Line: If you like songs about your times as a kid or good college music this is a good download for you.


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Monday, April 25, 2011

We On- Rock City

This song is a new one from Rock City that will be featured on their up coming "street album". It is a good pump up song, but I will admit, it takes a certain taste (and mood) to like this song so sorry if you don't. They ride heavily off of a nice beat and hook instead of catchy lyrics but overall I think the end product is pretty good. 

Bottom Line: If you like songs such as "No Hands", Kay Caldwell, or any other "pump up" songs then you should download this one.


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Key Stone State Of Mind- Tayyib Ali (Mixtape)

New Tayyib Ali mixtape, full review coming soon. But, from what I've heard it is unbelievably dope. And, of course, we had it first! And also, I'm pretty sure this is a leaked version of the tape because Tayyib's twitter says nothing about it dropping and neither does his website. But either way, here you go!  

Full Review: My first impressions were right, it is a MUST download mixtape. I think one of the most impressive things about this tape is the fact that Tayyib only has two features on the entire thing, but yet he is able to supply fresh sounds on every track so you don't get sick of hearing his voice. That is a rare skill, especially with young artists today. Like I said, every song is a pleasure to listen to which made it hard to pick my 4 favorites but I did, check them out and let me know what you think.

Bottom Line: If you have ever heard any of Tayyib's previous work and you like it, even just a little bit, this is a MUST download for you, it is Tayyib at his best. Otherwise, if you like young new artists trying to make a name for themselves that have talent which they are successfully tapping into then this is a MUST download for you.

Full Tape Download (via Datpiff):Click Here


Yesterday (Listen/Download): 
California Love (Listen/Download): 
Keystone State Of Mind (Listen/Download): 
Live On The Road Ft. Dave Patten (Listen/Download):

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Maybe- The Kid C-G

Another song that is part of #swellysundays from The Kid C-G. While I wasn't feeling last weeks version, this week's is more my taste. The Kid has a smooth deep voice which he uses to spit bars over a light refreshing beat. Its a great song for late sunday night blues, sorry I didn't get this up yesterday!

Bottom Line: If you like rappers such as Pmac or The Good Husbands, this is a good download for you. Otherwise, if you like smooth hip hop then this is also a good download for you.


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dedicated To You- Warren G

Yesterday we released a Throwback from Warren G and ironicly he dropped a new single today. The song is about his good friend Nate Dogg who recently died. Its a sad slow song but it was deffinatly posting. Not only because it has been a slow weekend, but because it is easy to jam to (you just have to be in the right mood). Check it out for yourself, R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

Bottom Line: Sad new song about Nate Dogg (who recently passed away) by Warren G. If you liked the Throwback we posted yesterday then this would be a good download for you, and if you like classic hip hop this would also be a good download for you.


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The NOREaster- N.O.R.E. (Mixtape)

This a new mixtape from a harsh spitter that calls himself, N.O.R.E. In my opinion the tape isn't anything special but it does have a few stand-out tracks. I posted this because people have been making a big deal out of this tape (I guess I don't have good taste). So I'm not really going to write a full review for this one because I don't like it, but I did pick out my favorites.

Bottom Line: Hard spitting mixtape that I don't enjoy so I'm not going to post a full review but if you liked the tyga tape this would be a decent download for you.

Stay Up Ft. Juvenile 
Something That's Ft. Masspikes Miles 

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Billin'- Uno Hype

New single from an artist called Uno Hype. Uno is only 17 years old and already making a name for himself as a smooth spitter with catchy hooks and intricate lyrics. I feel that this song demonstrates most of that ability well, it begins slow (Hype goes in at 1:05) but after he begins rapping I guarantee you can't stop listening. 

Bottom Line: New slow jam from a young artist with good messages to spread through catchy hip hop. If you like artists like Tayyib Ali and Devin Miles then I would say this is a good download for you. 


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