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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Usually Goes- OnCue

OnCue, another rapper you may have not heard of, is from Connecticut and has been releasing hits for quite some time. Not only does this song have some good points made through it's lyrics, (which he uses to  vent about bad, young rappers that rhyme about crazy parties in college which are polluting the game today) it has a nice pleasing hook as well. I tend to agree with him that there is way to many rappers that just rap about stupid college parties and their friends. It makes the actual good rappers (such as OnCue) harder to get noticed. But my favorite part of the song isn't the hook, or any verse, it is a line that comes at the end of the song. It sums the song up and basically puts everything that he said in to one sentence: "Just because you have a microphone and a computer doesn't mean you are a f**king rapper.". On that note, here is the song...

Song (Official Music Video):

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