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Monday, April 25, 2011

Key Stone State Of Mind- Tayyib Ali (Mixtape)

New Tayyib Ali mixtape, full review coming soon. But, from what I've heard it is unbelievably dope. And, of course, we had it first! And also, I'm pretty sure this is a leaked version of the tape because Tayyib's twitter says nothing about it dropping and neither does his website. But either way, here you go!  

Full Review: My first impressions were right, it is a MUST download mixtape. I think one of the most impressive things about this tape is the fact that Tayyib only has two features on the entire thing, but yet he is able to supply fresh sounds on every track so you don't get sick of hearing his voice. That is a rare skill, especially with young artists today. Like I said, every song is a pleasure to listen to which made it hard to pick my 4 favorites but I did, check them out and let me know what you think.

Bottom Line: If you have ever heard any of Tayyib's previous work and you like it, even just a little bit, this is a MUST download for you, it is Tayyib at his best. Otherwise, if you like young new artists trying to make a name for themselves that have talent which they are successfully tapping into then this is a MUST download for you.

Full Tape Download (via Datpiff):Click Here


Yesterday (Listen/Download): 
California Love (Listen/Download): 
Keystone State Of Mind (Listen/Download): 
Live On The Road Ft. Dave Patten (Listen/Download):

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