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Friday, April 22, 2011

Slow Down-Timbland Feat. Blind Fury

Ok this song was released last night as part of Timblands latest project, "Timbland Thursdays" where he releases a new Timbland song every Thursday up until his album drops. Im not sure why this song is considered a Timbland song though. He only has one verse while Blind Fury does the hook and 3 verses, it is probably because Timbland produced it and wanted to take credit. On to the actual song though, it is a particularly fast song (hence the name) and probably one of the better songs by Timbland that I have ever heard (and I'm not a Timbland fan). Blind Fury spits hard for every single one of his verses, and Timbland adds some diversity to the song at the end of it with a short, cliché verse. 

Bottom Line: First off, don't be misled by the title, Blind Fury does most of the work in this song. If you like Timbland or Blind Fury this is a MUST download for you because they are at their best in this song. Otherwise, if you like fast paced songs and mainstream rap then this would be a MUST download for you as well. 


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