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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Lights- IanJ (Mixtape)

This a brand new mixtape from another college kid, this one is named IanJ. IanJ has been grinding hard for the past few months releasing a multitude of mixtapes and singles that have caught my attention. This is his latest project and its pretty dope. The first two songs start of with bass heavy club like beats and then the tape slows down until Ianj has  a "Sam Adams like" flow and from their he mixes the two. If you don't know Sam Adams I encourage you to go to iTunes and download his Boston's Boy album.
Bottom Line: If you have ever listened to Sam Adams and enjoy his work then this tape is a MUST download. Otherwise, if you like smooth rappers with college kid flow then take a listen to my favorites that I post below and decide if you want to download it from there.

Full Tape Download: Ian J - Summer Lights [INHH].zip

Back Home (Listen/Download):

Home (Listen/Download):

Raise Your Glass (Listen/Download):

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