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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Throwback! Live It Up- OCD Moosh & Twist

This song came out in October, 2010 and is by a young Philly based artist duo called OCD. OCD is made up by two rappers that call themselves, Moosh and Twist. Both of them bring great things to the table and they compliment each other greatly. Moosh is known for his smooth flow, Twist is known for his mean verses, and both of them have a reputation of pretty dope lyrics. They are grinding hard trying to make it in this difficult game and if this song is a reflection of their chances then you can bet they will be a household name soon. As you listen to the song try not to get enveloped in the catchy hook and heartwarming beat, take notice of their lyricism and they way the use each other to succeed. 

Bottom Line: If you like smooth flows and fresh new hip hop this song is a MUST for you.


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