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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can't Fall- Jeff Blair Ft. TPOW

Jeff sent me this song and I have been trying to get around to post it. It is a remake off of Mac Miller's latest mixtape, "Best Day Ever" and this one almost lives up to the original masterpiece. It begins with an intro "speech" explaining the meaning behind the song and then breaks into a hard verse from Blair which is followed by a chorus and then a verse by TPOW that amounts to an awesome jam to study for finals to. The two of themselves are beging to go by the name, Conglomerate so be on the look out for some new stuff by them soon.

Bottom Line: A song that is spat over Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever" that almost amounts to the original jam. This is a good download for anybody that liked the original and anyone that likes Mac Miller, Mike Stud, and another other rappers like them.

Can't Fall

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