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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Freshman 15- Huey Mack (Mixtape)

Here is another mixtape for your lazy Sunday afternoon. This one is from Huey Mack who just released To Be Young And Alive which happend to be a leak off of this very mixtape. Even though this is the second mixtape of the day, it could not be more different then Body Bag Vol. 1 (Ace Hood). Mack's flow is more of a college state of mind flow that is growing more common in the hip hop scene nowadays. So if you like  that kind of music you should give this tape a download and start getting ready for summer with it blaring through your speakers. Here are my favorites:

Looking At The Sky (Produced By Famous)
Reckless (Ft. Penguin Prison)
Meant For Us (Produced By DSP)

Bottom Line: If you liked To Be Young And Alive the this is a good download for you. Otherwise, if you like frat boy music give this tape a listen.

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