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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Throwback! Rough Draft- TeeJay (Mixtape)

Well, I have a surprise for everyone tonight and I can bet you that this is a new artist for you. TeeJay is an artist from Chi City that is just on his grind growing his fan base for now and he released this mixtape in December. He has a good balance of original beats and remixes that he kills and he successfully leaves me wanting much more TeeJay. Keep updated with his music on INHH we will be featuring his next mixtape this summer, get pumped!

Bottom Line: If you like remixes that challange the quality of the original songs then this is a MUST download for you. Otherwise, if you like dynamic artists with a variety of flows give "Rough Draft" a listen.

Full Tape Download:


Dreamin' (Black & Yellow Remix):
FireFlies (Fire Flies Remix):
Loyalty (Loyalty Remix):

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