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Friday, May 20, 2011

To Be Young And Alive- Huey Mack

Here is a new single from Huey Mack that caught my attention this morning. Now this is not the song that you expect crazy lyrics from, instead Huey rides on the chorus and the fact that this song can just be heard for the hook and beat. It reminds me of Wiz Khalifa but I don't want to say that (because I don't like Wiz) and all of Huey's songs aren't like this. He has a variety of decent jams that aren't about partying (unlike Wiz). But anyways, give this one a listen.

Bottom Line: If you like Wiz Khalifa then this is a good download for you, but he doesn't sound exactly like Wiz so don't be turned of if you hate Wiz, you still may like this song.

To Be Young And Alive

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