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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Young Money- Lil Wayne Ft. Gudda Gudda

Its a slow afternoon so I figured I would post a song that I normally wouldn't. Not because the song isn't good, but I can't put a download link up for this one. Now before I tell you about the sound of the song let me clear up any confusion, I am 99% sure this will NOT be featured on Tha Carter 4 but hey Wayne may just surprise us all. On to the actual track, Wayne goes incredibly hard and completely steals the show. If it wasn't for Gudda Gudda's annoying rapping in this song, I may actually say it was awesome. But, unfortunately, Gudda Gudda IS on the song, and it is semi-ruined. But, hey if you can get passed that you are in for a treat.

Bottom Line: If you can get past Gudda Gudda's annoying rhymes and you are a Wayne fan then this is a MUST download for you. Wayne goes HARD.

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