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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blank Check- Matt Clarke

Here is a new mixtape from an artists that calls himself Matt Clarke and reps Arlington. This is his sophomore tape and it isn't to bad. It has a variety of styles on it from incredibly hype music to pretty chill ones. As for the beats, they are a mix of originals and remixes provided by a variety of producers, including the DJ of the tape, DJ Doubletake. His flow reminds me of Hobson's from Fortune Family. He definitely has some work to put in if he wants to make it in the game, but there is talent there waiting to be fully accessed. So, although I am pleasantly surprised by, "Blank Check" I am expecting A LOT from Clarke's next tape. 

Bottom Line: A good mixtape for any Fortune Family fans or anyone that likes hype hip hop with good beats.

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