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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mama's Boyfriend- Kanye West

Now I was reluctant to posting this one because I can't put the download link up and there have been a lot of posts recently that haven't had a download link. But, it is to good to hold back. Ye goes hard talking about his Mama's Boyfriend. It is almost a comical song how much he hates his Mama's Boyfriend. And then the song takes a turn, he describes how he grew up and the struggles with the relationships that he had. Either way, this song is classic Kanye.
Update: He actually preformed this one at Facebook headquarters and I am pretty sure that is what caused him to leak it. Here is the video of that:

Bottom Line: Classic Kanye, if you liked his stuff in the "Late Graduation" age then this is a MUST download for you.
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