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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Royal Flush 2 (Mixtape)- CyHi Da Prynce

This is CyHi's latest project and the G.O.O.D. music star went all out on this one for sure. Mixing his flows and styles throughout the tape he always keeps us guessing. He features the likes of Yelawolf, Trey Songz, Pusha T, Big Sean, B.O.B. and many many more. The only thing that may serve as a small downside to this tape is its length. People are going to disagree, but I think it's too long. Maybe extremely loyal CyHi fans will hate me for saying this, but I think there is such thing as to much CyHi. But that aside, I think the mixtape is full of clever "filler tracks" that tell a great story (it sounds like they got Morgan Freeman to help out!). Totally worth a listen and my favorites will be coming soon (I haven't heard the entire thing yet).
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