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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Websters Laboratory- Chris Webby (Mixtape Download)

Interesting mixtape that I can't really figure out right now. I have to admit though, Webby does kill it on a couple of songs. One area that he does lack in is the chorus though. He raps over a diverse selection of beats, even throwing in a few remixes, and changes up his flow a couple of times which I always like to see in a mixtape. But I think that there is one complete mistake he made in deciding on features for the tape. One of the two features he has on the entire thing is Freeway. I just don't think that Freeway vibes well with Webby. I like both of them separately but they are just one potent mix (even though the song that he was featured in was one of my favorites because of Webby's display of lyricism during his first and only verse)

Bottom Line: If you are a Chris Webby fan then this is a MUST download for you. Otherwise, if you like rappers that excel in lyricism but sometimes have trouble with their flows and keeping a beat then this is a good download for you.


Block To The Burbs Ft. Freeway
Sunny Afternoon (Prod. By ATG)
Roger That

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