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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 New Music Videos That Must Be Watched! (Visuals From Tayyib Ali and UZI)

There were two music videos that were dropped today. They both are visuals for some awesome songs. The first music video is from Tayyib Ali for his fan favorite song that features Dave Patten, "Live On The Road". It is a compilation of clips from his shows and the usual rapping in the camera on top of a roof style is present. Nothing to amazing here but it's always nice to see a new video, check it out below:
The next impressive music video that was dropped today was from an artist named, UZI. UZI went all out on this video and it totally payed off. It has a little more depth than the Tayyib video and does way more than impress. The video features scenes on a train while switching between various bedroom visuals. UZI goes in a totally diffrent direction compared to Tayyib here. Enjoy the video below:
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