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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Morning After- Over 21 (Free Album)

Here is the much awaited for, "Morning After" from one of our favorite hip hop duo. Here is what they have to say about the master piece.  

After 8 months of working on their debut release, new Virginia Hip-Hop duo, OVER 21 (@KMarable703 x @TheOnlyBPalma or collectively @OfficialO21), are ready to share it with the world. Initially discovering each others musical talents via the social network, Twitter, the two quickly became online friends and decided to come together to collaborate on a joint project . This idea quickly blossomed into 'The Morning After', which is broken into three parts. The album incorporates Inspiration, Celebration, Temptation, Love, and Break Ups. We wanted to make something that everyone could relate to and most importantly LOVE! The project includes a hidden bonus track as well as the official video for "Dream." You can also purchase an official OVER 21 T-Shirt which the link is on our website. Thank Everybody for listening! - OVER 21
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