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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tie The Laces- Jus.Co (Free Mixtape Download)

This guy, Jus.Co is WAY to underground for my liking. This mixtape beats out some of the best that I have heard all month and (I know some people will kill me for saying this) even contests with "Tha Carter IV" for the best piece of music this August. Not only does Jus. Co destroy the famous remixes on the tape, but he demonstrates with songs like, Houstatlantavegas (Acoustic) his ability to not only rap, but to sing and play guitar as well. I haven't heard every song yet, but I'm pretty sure it is all remixes. I'm not asking you to download this tape, I am TELLING YOU to download it. NOW.

Bottom Line: A mixtape full of awesome remixes that needs to be downloaded unless you don't like good music. 


Crazy Ride (In The Morning Remix)
Headlines Remix
Free Spirits (Moment For Life Remix)

Full Free Mixtape Download: 

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