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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

T.R.I.G.S.- Tarik (Mixtape Download)

T.R.I.G.S., the reason I get signed. A bold mixtape title from the feirce, New York spitter, Tarik. Nonetheless that's what he chose. And after realeasing some of the best hip hop of the last few months he was ready to drop the rest of the tape. Tarik shows us that he isn't just going to be known for the fast, hard rap songs hour previously released. There are more than a few slow songs with almost non-existant beats that have lyrics of Emineim quality (my favorite being "Everything I Am"). The songs that aren't chill are almost the exact opposite, and what I expected from Tarik. The only thing that bugs me about the tape is the seemingly lack of sound quality. Most people won't notice it though so don't let it turn you off. Check out the tape below, and support my man Tarik with a download.


In My Eyes
Everything I Am




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