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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Thoughts Vol 2 - Tyga (Download)

Alright guys here is the mixtape download. It came out literally this second so I have not been able to hear it yet. Therefore obviously I can not write a review, but a review will be coming shortly! I also have linked you to another site for the download because my computer itself has not gotten it yet. But, as soon as I can I will post a direct download here. For now, enjoy it with the link below. Ok everyone, I have finally heard all of the new Tyga tape. I have to say, its pretty dope. I'll admit, I didn't have high expectations for this tape and it is certainly better then I had expected. One thing that I was a little disappointed with though was that this tape is traditional Tyga (which is not my favorite). There was nothing new added to his flow or style. But, if you really liked Tyga's previous releases than I'm pretty sure your going to enjoy this tape. If your not sure and don't want to download the whole thing before being sure your going to like it then just listen to my favorites that are listed below that you don't have to download to listen to.

Download Link:

My Favorites:

Bad Bit*hes (download):


Storm (download):



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