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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finding My Own- Devin Miles (EP)

Here is a new EP from a new artist. Devin Miles has it all...almost. Complex lyrics and original instrumentals are a reoccurring theme throughout his music but i think that a catchy hook is missing in many of his songs. The EP is a definitely a good download though and I will list my favorites below. The songs that I list give a good reflection of how the EP actually sounds. So, If you want to know if you will like the EP without actually listening to all of it, take a listen to my favorites and if you like them then the odds are this EP is a good download for you.

Bottom Line: If you like hard hip hop spitters with good lyrics and deep instrumentals then you will like Devin Miles and this EP.

Full EP Download:


How U Livin' (Listen/Download):
Open Season (Listen/Download):
They Know (Listen/Download):
Never Change (Listen/Download):

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