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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Piff Jar- Various Artists (Mixtape)

Happy Holidays INHH readers, it's 4/20, and you know what that means. If you are unaware, it means the release of Most Dope's newest mixtape, "Piff Jar" hosted by Treejay and mixed by DJ Clockwork. The mixtape features the lyrical stylings of Juicy J, Mac Miller, Vinny Radio, Boaz, and many more. When I played the first song, I was startled when I heard a Kat Williams sound clip, but I felt like it introduced the tape nicely. The whole tape has an overall calm sound to it, probably because it's 99% about weed. It possesses some top of the line tracks, with "Round Round" and "William" first and foremost. Of course, I have to give the most credit to Mac, as his songs were by far the best of the entire tape. The lyrics were clever and intricate, and the songs were always upbeat and easy to listen to.

Bottom Line: Classic 4/20 mixtape made of the best of the best smoking songs. If you are into that kind of stuff this is a MUST download for you. Otherwise, if you like Mac Miller or you are just looking to give a new tape a try, this is a good download for you.


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