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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loft Music Remix- Donnis

The original of this song is by The Weekend but Donnis decided to take a try at the beat. It turns out, the resulting product isn't bad. It is traditional Donnis so if you liked the recently released Southern Lights mixtape by him then you should download this song.

Bottom Line: This is a remix to the original song by The Weekend that Donnis does a nice job on. If you like Donnis's previous work such as, The Southern Lights mixtape then this is a good download for you. Otherwise, if you like the original Loft Music song then this is a good download for you. If you haven't heard Donnis before and haven't heard the original Loft Music song then I would suggest taking a listen to the song and deciding for yourself if it is good or not. 


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Anonymous said...

ruined the song

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