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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mary Jane- The 58's Ft. Mac Miller

I think The 58's and Mac didn't realize that 4/20 is over yet because they are still releasing an endless stream 4/20 anthems. But I can't complain, this is another solid song that involves Mac but the only difference between this one and the others released yesterday is that The 58's add a harsh hip hop flow that compliments Mac all to well, making this feature a match made in heaven. Go ahead and download this jam and keep on celebrating! 

Bottom Line: Another Mac Miller involved 4/20 anthem, but this one has a twist. The 58's compliment Mac Miller to a perfection. If you like Mac or any of the songs he released yesterday this is a MUST download. Otherwise I would suggest that you check it out even if you haven't heard Mac Miller's music. 

Sorry no download link, here is a youtube video.

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