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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Never Ending Now- Spree Wilson (Mixtape)

This mixtape was released Tuesday and I hadn't gotten around to hearing it until now. It is by a relatively new artist called Spree Wilson who is from Atlanta and I must say, I debated posting this one. Don't get me wrong its really good, but the majority of it isn't hip hop in my opinion. It has A LOT of acoustic songs (which I usually don't enjoy) but I actually really enjoy the ones he creates. He does however, have a few "hip hop" songs on the tape (that is why I posted this).

Bottom Line: If you have the time and want to hear some new music, you should take a listen even if you don't like listening to acoustic songs. But, if you don't feel like listening to the whole tape, I will post my favorite two songs from it down below (one acoustic and one hip hop).

Favorite Acoustic:

Heartbreak On Fire

Favorite Hip Hop:


Special Thanks To Dante Falcone For Showing Me Spree

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