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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roof Tops- Luke Christopher Ft. Asher Roth

Roof Tops dropped today, a good collaboration from Luke Christopher and Asher Roth. This song jumped out at me with a bunch because of it's different beats that are mixed together in a good way. Luke and Asher both spit a verse, and come in with strong lyrics. The song is all about having dreams and dreaming big, how you need to follow your own path without letting other people influence you. “I can build my own path so why would I follow yours” (Luke Christopher).

Bottom Line: Good new song, even if you don’t like Luke or Asher, this is a good listen, short song so it’s its worth a little bit of you time. After listening I’m sure this song will have you on the roof. (Jerome A Post)

Listen/Download: Roof Tops feat. Asher Roth by Asher Paul Roth  

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