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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slow Up- Kay Caldwell

Slow Up by Kay Caldwell is a leak off of his upcoming mixtape (which will be released on an unknown date). The song itself is the kind of song you can bump to in your car while taking a drive around town. The lyrics flow together, and work well with the beat. In my opinion, Kay Caldwell isn't the best out there but he certainly has talent as shown by this song. Kay manages to keep the beat without sacrificing a seriously catchy hook that I have stuck in my head right now.

Bottom Line: If you like songs like, No Hands and Ray Ban Vision this song is a good download for you, it has a catchy hook and some decent verses that tie it all together.


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Anonymous said...

Nobody thought biggie jayz and tupac were the best out there when they first came out too don't sleep on this kid

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