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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tats On My Face- Kid Ink

Kid Ink has been argued over for quite some time. You either love his music or you hate it. He has a very distinct "accent" when he raps and in my opinion, it makes him unique in a good way. However, I know a lot of people that completely disagree and say that it makes him unique in a horrible way. This song may not be very impressive lyrically but it is catchy. He raps over Rick Ross's beat to 600 Benz and spits a catchy chorus. Take a listen to the song and decide for yourself wether you love Kid Ink or you hate him.

Bottom Line: This song is classic Kid Ink, if you like that then this song is a good choice for you. If you haven't heard Kid Ink before then you should take a listen and see if you like his flow and if you have heard him and don't like him then this is NOT the song for you.

Note: Unfortunately I can't post the download link to this one due to copy right infringement issues but hopefully the youtube link below will suffice.

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