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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CB4- Uno Hype

This morning when I got up I had a pleasent surprise sitting in my inbox, an email from Uno Hype's manager with his new single. This song will be released off of his upcoming mixtape titled, "From The Ground Up". Here is a little bit about him.
             "Though only 17 years old, Uno Hype has quickly generated buzz with his first mixtape "Ready for Takeoff". Now he releases "CB4" a track produced by Jay Card and the first track off his sophmore mixtape "From the Ground Up." He is also working on tracks with Emilio Rojas, The Odd Couple and Dj Black Diamond."

The song itself has a simple beat that Uno tears apart from the very first second he goes in. If you liked our previous 
Song From Uno then you MUST download this one because (in my opinion) it is Uno at his best. Special thanks to Jesse for sending me the music.

Bottom Line: If you have never heard an Uno Hype song before then this is a good download for everyone. But, if you have have heard Uno and liked his music then this is a MUST download for you. 


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