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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Piece Of Me- Azad Right (FreeEp)

Awesome new free EP from the rapper, Azad Right. The EP is filled with crazy beats that you would have never thought of and awesome vocals from Azad. Azad creates a variety of music but whether he is talking about his life or how he enjoys to party it is all a joy to the ear. Check out my favorites below and be sure to vote thumbs up!

Bottom Line: Free EP from a rapper that goes by the name Azad Right. If you haven't heard of Azad before but you like rappers like Tayyib Ali then this is a good download for you. If you have heard Azad and liked his music then this is a MUST download for you because it is Azad at his best.

Full EP Download:  Azad Right - A Piece Of Mine EP (INHH).zip


I Want It All (Listen/Download):

Love Of The Game (Listen):

Players Club (Listen):

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