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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foreign Object- Tinie Tempah (Mixtape)

Most people in the US haven't heard of Tinie Tempah yet, a rapper that has made a name for himself in the UK. He raps with a british accent that makes his music either loved or hated here in the states. Personally I love it. The idea of this mixtape reminds me of Lil' Wayne's mixtape, "No Ceilings" (not as good though in my opinion) becuase Tempah takes this years famous songs and puts his own twist on them. The remix's include, Look At Me Now, Make It Rain, Hustle Hard, Sh**ed On Em' and many more. Some of the songs are even better than the originals. My favorites will be listed below.

Bottom Line: If you have heard Tinie before and like him then this is a MUST download. Otherwise, if you like hearing new sounds that you may not have been exposed to without being on INHH this is a MUST download for you too.


Look At Me Now Remix Ft. Lil Wayne
Shi**d On Em' Remix Ft. Nikki Minaj
6 Foot 7 Remix Ft. Lil Wayne

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