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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Throwback! For The Love Of The Game- iPhonic

Here is a new group that is borderline Hip Hop, borderline pop but is as good as they come. They released this new song last year and it features MGK who spits a crazy (but short) verse at the end. But even before that, the song has just one word to describe it, dope. The lyrics are spot on along with the flows provided by iPhonic. Take a listen to this song.

Bottom Line: If you like mixtures of smooth vocals and crazy rap verses then this song is a MUST download for you. Otherwise, if you like MGK then this is a MUST download for you as well. The verse he is responsible for is as raw as they come (even though it is a little short).

Love Of The Game

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Anonymous said...

Iphonic is the shit!!

Anonymous said...

fuck yea mgk and iphonic thats whats up CLEVELAND BIATCH

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